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22:38-- Tiffany Norbert : I'm a whore and failed attempt at a nurse. I fail my exams and I telling my family I place first
22:38-- Tiffany Norbert : I love this confession site
22:39-- Tiffany Norbert : My name on Facebook is Krissy Descartes
22:40-- Cantius Victor : I'm a fat frog. My a.k.a is Kisla.
22:41-- Cantius Victor : I'm a married man who love to do bestiality I enjoy it very much
22:51-- Guest : Where is the news at
22:57-- WhoDaBawse?: Friday Funnies - you’d think that they’re actually funny. I believe that they should rename it Friday Borings. BECAUSE THEY ARE NEVER FUNNY!
22:59-- Alex Bousquet: I personally hate doing Friday funny because it makes no sense to me. The jokes are anything but funny O.O :S
23:00-- Alex Bousquet: Small things does jook hard :D
23:04-- Guest_4464: Where is the news tonight?
23:26-- Guest_3638: bds whats going on
23:30-- Guest_2128: Dbs? ????????(?)
23:10-- Guest_4877: Is it offline?
23:53-- Guest_1180: I am not getting the news today. Please check
23:03-- Guest_9394: hello whtas wrong with ## one
21:12-- Guest_1010: I am not getting a picture
23:00-- Guest_4820: dbs whats going on with the stream
23:12-- Guest_3539: NO news tonight
14:13-- Guest_4951: this site is incredible, i love it be here. thanks for making it happend
0:41-- Guest_4820: @Alex Bousquet