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11-1 0:41:06 Guest_4820 @Alex Bousquet
8-1 14:13:07 Guest_4951 this site is incredible, i love it be here. thanks for making it happend
28-12 23:12:20 Guest_3539 NO news tonight
28-12 23:00:09 Guest_4820 dbs whats going on with the stream
28-12 21:12:59 Guest_1010 I am not getting a picture
27-12 23:03:04 Guest_9394 hello whtas wrong with ## one
21-12 23:53:30 Guest_1180 I am not getting the news today. Please check
20-12 23:10:14 Guest_4877 Is it offline?
18-12 23:30:52 Guest_2128 Dbs? ????????(?)
18-12 23:26:47 Guest_3638 bds whats going on
18-12 23:04:08 Guest_4464 Where is the news tonight?
16-12 23:00:51 Alex Bousquet Small things does jook hard :D
16-12 22:59:05 Alex Bousquet I personally hate doing Friday funny because it makes no sense to me. The jokes are anything but funny O.O :S
16-12 22:57:41 WhoDaBawse? Friday Funnies - you’d think that they’re actually funny. I believe that they should rename it Friday Borings. BECAUSE THEY ARE NEVER FUNNY!
16-12 22:51:38 Guest Where is the news at
16-12 22:41:40 Cantius Victor I'm a married man who love to do bestiality I enjoy it very much
16-12 22:40:31 Cantius Victor I'm a fat frog. My a.k.a is Kisla.
16-12 22:39:33 Tiffany Norbert My name on Facebook is Krissy Descartes
16-12 22:38:52 Tiffany Norbert I love this confession site
16-12 22:38:29 Tiffany Norbert I'm a whore and failed attempt at a nurse. I fail my exams and I telling my family I place first
16-12 22:37:41 Tiffany Norbert My man name is Darence Hitty Lance.
16-12 22:36:15 Guest_5516 I'm in love with Shane Mathurin. Will you marry a poor side B**** like me??
16-12 22:34:58 Guest_5516 My name is Tervany Norbert and I'm a side b****. I love being a side b**** :-* :) ;) :P :D 8)
15-12 23:20:40 Guest_sex Dbs is number zero
15-12 23:16:59 Guest_6523 Hts is the best!!!!
15-12 23:16:33 Guest_6523 Dbs go and shit eh
15-12 23:14:49 Guest_6586 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
15-12 23:14:20 Guest_6586 What the ASS DBS ??
15-12 23:12:20 Guest_6586 Fix your crappy ? livestream man
15-12 23:11:14 Guest_6586 DBS is the worst
15-12 23:10:59 Guest_6586 :) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
15-12 23:10:30 Guest_6586 :) :(;):P:D:|:O:SO.O8):_(:-*(!)(?)
15-12 23:10:10 Guest_6586 wpwkiwusbedjkeowkwkwwqllqowskkdndxbvxhskwllqkwiwjejeeokekddkj
15-12 23:10:00 Guest_6586 Hahahahahaahhahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahaaha
15-12 23:09:50 Guest_6586 Can’t someone fix this problem like today please
15-12 23:09:05 Guest_6586 There’s a problem with the livestream :S
15-12 23:08:18 Guest_6586 Very poor my livestream isn’t working and when it starts to work I can’t hear a thing
14-12 23:13:30 Guest_8503 streaming poor!!! #1 get it to that one
9-12 23:42:50 Guest_6401 yep sucker
8-12 1:34:23 The Watcher Hi Rick I was switching between you and health wise on HTS and the Drs were speaking on obesity and BMI. Do you know they used a photo of you with two dumbbells up in the air in your hey day to illustrate that BMI in a muscular person is not the same as BMI in a fat person...I admire you for your achievements in body building and free speech and I believe you should be the next knighthood. Thank you for coming back to the rock to make your contribution.:)
7-12 1:22:56 Guest_8220 guys green screen
2-12 0:10:14 Guest_7122 I can watch dbs new tonight but not every night but, I can"t get the stream for talk on Thursday nights.
2-12 0:00:27 Guest_7122 I watch dB's news tonight but not every night, I can"t get to watch talk live on Thursday nights
1-12 3:09:02 Guest_7440 Mr. PM 1 barrel of cannabis oil sells for 25 million US dollars
29-11 23:33:46 Guest_1516 the streaming is horrible
28-11 23:47:02 Guest_1656 hello?
24-11 1:25:33 War Hill St. Lucia Labour Propaganda continue their stale tactics... Anything new?
23-11 22:57:14 Guest_3174 why my live streaming not working?
23-11 1:56:27 Guest_2831 We were on track!!!!
23-11 1:25:35 Guest_2831 Proof any idiot can obtain degree
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