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19-2 23:15:07 Guest_6164 dbs whats going on?
19-2 23:03:17 Guest_3456 dbs whats wrong here we go again one turn as 10
16-2 17:42:14 Guest_3827 Junior, although I’m not very familiar with the details of Susie d’Auvergne’s commission report but, the little recollection seems to suggest a very thin line between the two. [d’Auvergne report and Fletcher’s recommendation] If I am right, please remember Fletcher was part of the audience that enabled Kenny Anthony to destroy that first effort. Now that he is no longer a government minister he has a dream of better governance. Let me also inform that I like Dr Fletcher but I think that position taken is amiss of him. Having worked in the Public Service in a position where I interacted with the masses, my position on good government and governance does not depart from his suggestion and that of Suzie. Dr Fletcher stayed there and milked the cow and within one year outside government he has a solution. “Bull Shit”
16-2 17:08:21 Guest_3827 Junior, although I.
16-2 2:21:49 Guest_3639 Rick you sent such a good message to the current PM if you don't make some accountable the you will be accountable. I hope he is listening and not sleeping.
16-2 2:15:34 Guest_3639 Rick you ask why you. Misdirection. For if you the one who speaks of it, then you are the one to blame. Cause those that are directly involved are running and you're telling them, Stop and face what you have created.
16-2 1:35:31 Jr thought
16-2 1:35:15 Jr i thouth he was spot on
16-2 1:34:55 Jr ?
16-2 1:34:50 Jr Guest _2266 why do u say that
16-2 1:32:53 Jr night talk city
16-2 1:32:43 Jr no
16-2 1:22:51 Guest_2266 Rick I listened to Dr Fletcher last week and concluded him to be very hypocritical, and just another Crocodile waiting to catch its prey. :( ?)
14-2 23:08:05 Tammy chin Haven’t been able to watch the live broadcast for a few day now....what’s going on Dbs
13-2 23:12:30 Guest_4861 ## one what is it now ##8
13-2 23:12:06 Guest_4861 hello what's going on with the nes d b s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9-2 1:54:40 Guest_3255 Dr Jimmy the caller wanted
9-2 0:56:52 JR Night talk city
6-2 23:11:12 Guest_9122 Aa no news? Well they say no news is good news I guess
2-2 1:55:00 JR night
2-2 1:51:12 Ln_9716 Talk is Back with a Bang! Finally hearing the other sides of the stories that would have otherwise expired because of deliberate silence. The SLP keeps using their stale tactics but the people are not as gullible as before. Wheel and come again.
31-1 23:15:20 Guest_7296 I am not getting the news on my Android. It shows format not supported. Why ?
23-1 10:35:58 Guest_8288 Telibituaries on dbs
11-1 0:41:06 Guest_4820 @Alex Bousquet
8-1 14:13:07 Guest_4951 this site is incredible, i love it be here. thanks for making it happend
28-12 23:12:20 Guest_3539 NO news tonight
28-12 23:00:09 Guest_4820 dbs whats going on with the stream
28-12 21:12:59 Guest_1010 I am not getting a picture
27-12 23:03:04 Guest_9394 hello whtas wrong with ## one
21-12 23:53:30 Guest_1180 I am not getting the news today. Please check
20-12 23:10:14 Guest_4877 Is it offline?
18-12 23:30:52 Guest_2128 Dbs? ????????(?)
18-12 23:26:47 Guest_3638 bds whats going on
18-12 23:04:08 Guest_4464 Where is the news tonight?
16-12 23:00:51 Alex Bousquet Small things does jook hard :D
16-12 22:59:05 Alex Bousquet I personally hate doing Friday funny because it makes no sense to me. The jokes are anything but funny O.O :S
16-12 22:57:41 WhoDaBawse? Friday Funnies - you’d think that they’re actually funny. I believe that they should rename it Friday Borings. BECAUSE THEY ARE NEVER FUNNY!
16-12 22:51:38 Guest Where is the news at
16-12 22:41:40 Cantius Victor I'm a married man who love to do bestiality I enjoy it very much
16-12 22:40:31 Cantius Victor I'm a fat frog. My a.k.a is Kisla.
16-12 22:39:33 Tiffany Norbert My name on Facebook is Krissy Descartes
16-12 22:38:52 Tiffany Norbert I love this confession site
16-12 22:38:29 Tiffany Norbert I'm a whore and failed attempt at a nurse. I fail my exams and I telling my family I place first
16-12 22:37:41 Tiffany Norbert My man name is Darence Hitty Lance.
16-12 22:36:15 Guest_5516 I'm in love with Shane Mathurin. Will you marry a poor side B**** like me??
16-12 22:34:58 Guest_5516 My name is Tervany Norbert and I'm a side b****. I love being a side b**** :-* :) ;) :P :D 8)
15-12 23:20:40 Guest_sex Dbs is number zero
15-12 23:16:59 Guest_6523 Hts is the best!!!!
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