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23:10-- Guest_5328: what nonsense is this
10:50-- Guest_6818: what is wrong
1:10-- Guest_9650: Good night Rick, you looking good as usual, compliments to your beautiful wife.
1:11-- Jo Shmo: Preach it Rick! #Gospel
1:14-- Guest_9650: woooiii RIck you putting down my St. Lucia
1:29-- Guest_9650: Rick the viewer not the callers
1:29-- Guest_8425: This
1:56-- Guest_9650: Agreed!!! Dr. King In my option that is an affair for ministry of education and not for the medical council
1:42-- Guest_4335: Need a link
23:56-- Max: Goodnight. Late
0:47-- Guest_4627: :S
0:48-- Guest_4627: :D
0:48-- Guest_4627: ??
0:50-- Guest_4627: Why does Spider speak with clinched teeth??
0:59-- Guest_8414: How many viewers do you have Rick? :P O.O
1:09-- Guest_3467: Very Well said........
1:41-- Guest_6045: how do i watch the livestream?
1:41-- Guest_6045: please help
1:42-- Guest_6045: it says that the media format is not supported
16:33-- Guest_1063: RN Programs near me